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The MagClasp Bracelet

Yes, this bracelet gets it's very own page

NA Tactical MagClasp is a magnetic clasping bracelet that uses rare earth magnets inside of expended brass casings or casing bases to create a unique looking bracelet for you.  The magnets are in the primer holes and snap together to hold the bracelet securely in place.

This bracelet is available only as a custom order item and comes in two versions v1.0, v2.0, v3.0 and v4.0.  Each one can have the casing finished in one of our five exclusive finishes.

There are a few of variables involved in making this one, different calibers for the clasp, bead, type of finish, colors, sizing and so on.  Use the Contact page to order or discuss this item.

The v1.0 features the casing on the round with magnets in the primer holes, so it looks like you are wearing bullet casings on your wrist.

The v2.0 uses just the base of the two casings with a magnet inserted.  These fit together flat just revealing the end of the casing you choose and the head stamp is visible. 

The v3.0 uses .22 casings with earth magnets inserted inside.  A Hybrid bead has two cords running through it and these are attached to the .22 casings.  It is simple and clean looking.


The v4.0 has a magnet inside of the bead itself and this acts as the clasp.  

You have a choice of 9mm, .40, .44 Magnum, .45 Auto or .50 Caliber pistol casings on any of these bracelets.  Normally a snake knot is the common braid, but we have done them in a four strand round and flat braids like cobra knot.

The bead and clasp can be done in any of the five finishes offered.  We do try to get the dark finishes as close as possible so that the bead and clasps match, however due to the different impurities that can exist in and on the brass we can't always guarantee a perfect match, we do however try our best.

V1.0, v2.0 and v4.0 are all $26.99, Hybrid beads are $4.99 when added and single caliber are $9.99 when added. 

V3.0 are $21.99 and come with a Hybrid bead in your choice of finish.

These can be made with leather cord as well, the cost is slightly higher.

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