Makers of custom paracord bracelets, items and brass casing ballistic barrel beads

What we make and create...

When NA Tactical was started the idea was simple, quality, value and a unique product.  We think anything is possible and the client should get what they want.

We have made everything from knife bracelets and lanyards to dog leashes, one was a custom request from a police dog handler that was designed not to snag during searches.

Bracelets are still the bulk of what we make.  They get made with handcuff keys inside the buckle and without, magnets inside the brass casings primer hole, simple casing ends and a loop.  

When it comes to colors and styles we have made a variety. We have made them in the colors of the favorite teams, such as Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs and Notre Dame.  We have had requests to make them in the color of law enforcement agency, the U.S. Marshals. Thin blue lines for police, red lines for firefighters, OD green for military, you name it we have probably had a request.

Another part of what we make is taking expended brass casings and use them to make our Ballistic Barrel Beads.  

The beads come in a few sizes, the Hybrid being the smallest, it is the combination of a .40 caliber and 9mm cut down and pressed together.  The biggest is the Triple B, made from two .50 caliber pistol casings.  In the middle is the the Colt made from .45 Auto and the Dirty Harry made from .44 Magnums.

We even will make them from brass people send in, such as a first hunt with a child or a shooting event.  Save the brass and have a cool keepsake made.

NA Tactical Paracord Accessories