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Everything listed here are ready to go out the door.  They are extras, off sizes or colors(occasionally mistakes get made, you benefit) some are one off designs that we have created as a concept or just thought would look cool.

Long story short, they got to go!  All prices include shipping worldwide.

Emerson Knives Bad Intent Skull Bead and Ballistic Barrel Bead Bracelet

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The above bracelet is an all black snake knot bracelet that features a pewter Emerson Bad Intent Skull bead as the closure point.  The center of the bracelet has a silver Hybrid bead that has diamond knots on either side.

The bracelet will fit up to a 7.75 inch wrist size.  In the first picture it is on an area of the wrist that is 7 in picture 4 it is just under 8 inches.  It can be reduced in size by special request.

This bracelet is $19.99 USD all in! A great deal and a bargain considering the embellishments.  It was made as a concept piece for future products. 

If you would like to order one like it just contact us directly! 

Triple Wrap Four Strand Round Braid



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This is a four strand round braid that will wrap three times around the wrist. 

The model shown here is on a 7.5 inch area of the wrist above the watch.  It uses a hook and skull to secure it in place.  This piece is just $17.99 and that includes shipping! 

If you like this style but want a different color contact us to order.