NA Tactical Paracord Accessories

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Shipping Outside North America

They are neat for key fobs (we have glow in the dark cord ideal for that!) and zipper pulls, as well as knives.  They go great on kit to distinguish it from other team members.

We have even created them as a memorial to a fallen officer in Killeen, Texas.  This honor came out from us wanting to offer some way to raise money for his family, we was told there was already enough being done.  Instead we got the opportunity to create a set of blue and black lanyards with Hybrid beads made from brass sent from Texas, the officers state.  We made one for each member of his SWAT team.  

Lanyards are $5.99 each or free with the purchase of a bead.

We have made a few dog leashes in everything from hot pink and black, reflective thread black, purple and green.  They main thing is people want something different that reflects their style or something practical.  Sometimes it is hard to find a dog leash that will fit the need of the animal and your own style of color.  A great thing about these leashes is that if you are a hiker or hunter they offer you about 30 feet of cord in a 7 foot leash. We know some people keep their animal on a leash until they get way into the bush and then let them off, paracord is lightweight and excellent as a survival resource.  We had a local police dog handler come to us for a leash because his issued leash would snag on objects while doing interior searches, as well his fear was that should he become incapacitated his animal could get his leash hooked on a root or limb, resulting in the animal not taking down its quarry.  We made him a 7 foot leash with a thick snake knot handle, a 'no snag' dog leash.  

Dog leashes are sold by the foot and based on the hardware requested.  Average price is $3.99 per foot, including the handle and your choice of hardware, shipping price will vary from the flat rate due to the size and weight of these products.  To order a leash contact us using the Contact page.

Lanyards, Leashes and Everything Else

The little add-ons that reflect your personal style or the tool that could save you and your pet in the bush

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