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NA Tactical Paracord Accessories

BGTOG Bracelet with black plastic side snap buckle $9.99 USD includes shipping

BGTOG Bracelet with black or stainless steel adjustable shackle

$12.99 USD includes shipping

Firefighter Bracelets

Bunker Gear / Turn Out Gear

A bracelet made for the brave men and women who run into burning building while the rest of us are running out.

The fire service is made up of a unique group of people who are willing to risk their lives to save ours anytime, anywhere.  They scream to car crashes, perform high angle rescues on injured hikers, enter burning high rise apartment buildings to save lives, fight forest fires at great risk and crawl into the smallest spaces imaginable, all to help us.  This bracelet is to celebrate them and give these great men and women something unique to their service. 
These bracelets are made with a choice of yellow or orange reflective threaded cord on either side of silver grey relective threaded cord, then tied with your choice of black or gold paracord and have black plastic side snap buckle (you can upgrade to a steel steel U-shackle).  They are meant to match the most commonly worn colors of the bunker or turn out gear worn by the men and women who fight fires.  

While they come in gold with either yellow or orange and silver gray or black with yellow or orange and silver grey, if your service has a different color contact us and we will try to match it.  You can use the Contact page and request a custom color, we can let you know if we have it or not.  Then make your purchase using the Custom Color option once we confirm that we have the color selected.

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