Serge Larouche, leather crafter

One of the coolest things about creating is the people you meet, we have clients all over the world. One group of people that I love to connect with are artists, other creative types, like James McGowan and now Serge Larouche.  I consider myself creative, Serge is an artist with leather craft, he is also a client!

Serge makes exquisite leather watch straps that are more elegant, detailed and downright beautiful than what you would find on any high end Breitling, Panerai or Rolex.  He also makes rich and very sharp wallets.  Below are pictures of his work, some of which is good to go right now, some is already in use buy clients who want quality craftsmanship.  Anyone who wants quality and something unique goes custom.  I have added a contact form to the right linked to his email address for you to contact him for inquiries, quotes or ideas.  

                         Makers of custom paracord bracelets, items and brass casing ballistic barrel beads

NA Tactical Paracord Accessories

Skullz & Skoudrelz

Based in Henderson, Nevada Skullz & Skoundrelz owner Nick Taylor turns out some very cool work.

​Skullz & Skoudrelz specialize in SKULL multi-tools, bottle-openers, & self-defense tools! If you have a special request, he can make it happen!  

As a person who loves to create custom pieces I truly appreciate the time and effort Nick puts into his products.  I love his stuff so much, I wear one of his custom copper ingot tags on my Steel Flame chain with no intention of ever replacing it with anything else.  I also recommend him when clients want an extra something to make a bracelet truly theirs.  Check him out on Instagram and Facebook.

Cool Things We Like and Their Links

Fun stuff and good things to support

I like a lot of stuff.  Some if it is cool, some important to support and some are just things I think need to get mentioned.  I knives, muscle cars, helping others and watches.  Below I have mentioned some people and things that I feel are cool in their own right and deserve a mention.  Click the buttons after each section to go to the Facebook or web location.


I like knives, I collect them and love to see great blades, productions or customs, I love a sharp looking knife (pun intended). 

James McGowan of James McGowan Knives makes some of the greatest custom knives I have seen or held.  As well as make knives James customizes knives.  He is the designed and maker of the MaK-1 tool, an awesome all around tool for anyone, not just first responders.  You can see the CRKT model is nice, but if you want the highest quality, contact James and have him make one custom.

In addition to his MaK-1 tool, his titanium backspacers for Emreson's with a carbide window punch are done so well, you would believe that it came as part of the knife.  If you are a first responder and own an Emerson contact James about this mod, it is a must.  James does some great work in Stellite blades as well.  James is a true craftsman when it comes to his knives and kydex-ware for them, if you want quality and craftsmanship look no further.


1 in 63 kids falls on the Autism spectrum, I heard this number and I was floored.  As a parent it is a scary thing to think about, not to mention I hardly know anyone who doesn't know a family touched by this.

Jack Skorochod, started Ink4Autism in 2012 to raise awareness of Autism by getting tattoo shops to donate proceeds on Autism tattoos.  These funds are donated within the communities the shops are located and helping that communities families. Since 2012 over 240 tattoos shops around the world have inked over 600 autism tattoos for charity.  11 different countries participating; Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Romania, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Israel, Hungary & Germany. Over $60,000 raised and donated to autism services worldwide.     So who says tattoos are bad?  His Facebook page has funny, touching and inspirational; stories, quotes and comments from many within the Autism community.

I want to try and help bring that awareness to this issue by posting his Facebook page link for you he has 95616 followers and growing. 

Next April is Autism Awareness Month, not sure how, but NA Tactical will be contributing somehow to this cause, maybe a bracelet auction???  You can contribute that month by attending a participating tattoo shop and getting something that help raise money and awareness.

True Heros

Everyday in society we go about our day, have coffee, complain about our commute or jobs, get the kids off to soccer, go to the gym and all the other stuff called life.  

Everyday in Canada and the United States true heroes emerge, they come sirens blaring when a car crashes or, without, thought for their own safety disappear into the smoke because a small child, not their own, but they have some have their own, needs them.  Sometimes the smoke does not let them come back to their families while saving someones else's.

They show up at a house someone is trying to break in or a child is lost or when someone is intent on doing harm they intervene, not thinking about themselves, but protecting, that's what they signed up to do serve and protect their communities, its citizens and families. On to often a basis one of these hero's does not return home to their family, because they put themselves in harms way for their community, they did what they do, protect.

 There are hero's whoserve our country abroad in conflict,trying to make our world and homes safer.  They travel to sometimes bring comfort and aid, hold the line against those who want nothing but to destroy a way of life.  They leave their families, their mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, their children to do this.  Because it is what they signed up to do, to protect and serve their Nation.  To many come home badly injured or not at all.

The men and women of the fire service, law enforcement/peace officers and our military.  No matter side of the border they fall on, they are the ones we depend on when the chips are down and hope seems lost.

The reason I mention them here is that I have met and gotten to know many some as customers who I got to know quite well, I have many that are friends, others are people in my community who know from local events.  The buttons below take you to site for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and need help to move forward.