NA Tactical Paracord Accessories

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Bracelets: Ordering and Sizing

What we need to create the perfect bracelet for you!

NA Tactical offers a variety of styles in bracelets to fit every need.  All of the pieces made by NA Tactical are made to order, we do not keep a regular supply of   small, medium or large lying around.  The reason being my small may be to tight for you and my medium to big, how is that fair?  We believe in a clean fit.  Below is a description of everything we need to make you the perfect bracelet. 

If you purchase here using the 'Add to Cart' button you will receive a follow up email asking;

  • your exact wrist circumference or preferred over all length (OAL)
  • fit preference
  • color choices

All shipping is included in the prices quoted.

Wrist Circumference

First thing we require is your exact wrist circumference.  If you measure your wrist to how you want your bracelet fitted and tell us you like it 'loose fit' it will be to big, so exact wrist circumference is very important.  

You can also give us the overall length (OAL) of a current bracelet.  OAL is the total from tip of one buckle to the next.  While it sounds self exclamatory mistakes happen and we have been given the wrong measurement.  The reason for buckle end to buckle end is that your current buckle may be of a different size than the ones we use or if you request a steel shackle upgrade.  This could be a difference of as little as quarter inch or as big as half an inch.  

Are you maybe buying a bracelet as a gift and don't want the person to find out?  How can you get a rough size without them knowing?  If they wear a watch with a strap and buckle it easy!  Simply flatten the watch out and measure the distance from the end of the buckle to the most worn hole on the strap.  Take the measurement on the inside so the watch case is not adding to the length.  It is not as accurate, but it does give a rough wrist circumference and a preferred fit.

The Fit

The fit of your bracelet is a comfort thing.  Everyone is different on how they wear jewelry, if you haven't worn a paracord bracelet we recommend you go with loose fit.  The loose fit allows about quarer of an inch between the buckle and the bottom of your wrist.  This allows for expansion of the wrist that can occur when the temperature changes, hot and humid can cause some chafing if the bracelet is to snug.

The fitted option, we will make the bracelet to your exact wrist size with little movement or space.


Here is where your personal style and taste comes in.  Did you want sports team colors to show your support?  Maybe unit or agency colors to show who you work for?  Maybe you like hot pink or toxic green?  Maybe just plain black or OD green is more you.

Whatever the color combo or choice we will do my best to meet it.  If we can find it for you, we will get it.  This may take a little longer in some cases, but we will always let you know ahead of time.  We keep a large selection of colors on hand, black, OD green, coyote brown, blues and greens, camos, even hot pink.  But, occasionally we get a request for a color that we don't have or can't get from my local supplier.  On occasion we have to search the Internet to find that special color.  We do our best by sending you pictures of the color first, we want to ensure you are totally happy with your NA Tactical custom bracelet.

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