The Hybrid Bead

$15.99 each, price includes shipping.

Have it tied into a knife style lanyard free with purchase

 The Finishing Touch

A big part of a lot of the pieces we make is the finish.  From making sure the hole the is bored through the primer hole is smooth and won't hitch paracord to the joining of the single calibers to make the join as unnoticeable as possible when you look at it, to the finish.

The finish refers to that final look you want the bead to have, we offer five at present.  we do not paint our beads, we think it takes away from the patina the brass will gain.  Brass is a great metal to work with and reacts in different ways to heat, polishing or immersion in solutions.  That being said each of the five finishes will change and patina with time.  Current finish options are;

Plain Polished : after the bead is assembled it is cleaned with brass cleaner to remove dirt, polishing compound to clean out any imperfections ( possibly even some 1000 grit sand paper) and jewelers rouge to give it a high shine.  Like all brass it will patina, but with a little Brasso you can keep it gleaming.

Wearability: please note that because of the clean smooth surface any ding or scratch is easy to see.  Like all brass it will patina, but with a little Brasso you can keep it gleaming.  An upside is the bead gains character through all the dings and patina it gathers.  If you are are handy with a Dremel tool you can pick up a jewelers rouge kit and polish dings out.

Brushed: once assembled the bead is treated with several grits of sandpaper to give it that look of having brush strokes in the surface.  

Wearability: This finish hides dings well. If you take Brasso to it however, you will have a polished bead at the end.  Brass it soft and an abrasive polish will take the brushing out.

Heat Colored : Brass when subjected to heat changes color from golden to a dark honey, red or even violet hues.  Usually the body of the bead gains an iridescent quality of blue and purple.  The ends go reddish or dark honey.  The longer the heat is held on it the darker and more changes it will under go.  As a rule I try to stay in the middle of the road, working to bring out the bluish violet body and reddened ends.
Wearability: Wears well and darkens with time.  DO NOT polish, it will remove the darkened patina.  This bead just gets dark and gains character.  

Heat Colored Brushed: Just combine the last two processes.  The only difference is that it only gets reddish in color.  We are not metallurgists so we are not sure why, we assume it has to do with cleaning the top natural patina off and exposing the raw brass underneath.
Wearability: Wears the same as the brushed finish

Aged Brass: This is the newest finish and has taken us a little time to get used to working with.  Previously when we would purchase used brass we would find old brass, dark from weathering and thought they looked very cool, so did some clients because they snapped them up for bracelets!  The brass is treated to a process that causes it turn a purplish black, very similar to the old brass we used to find.  It is the most time consuming of the five finishes due to the processing time, but we think it is the most unique.  
Wearability:  it has a dark finish that will get darker with age and exposure.  It is also a smooth surface, so deep dings will show, but dings are like scars, they add character.  DO NOT polish, it will remove the patina.  Unlike other natural patinas, you would have to retreat the bead.

Beads we have completed

Custom Beads

On either side there are pictures of custom beads.  These were made from bullet casings that were sent to me with a request to have them made into beads, why?  The client and his father were avid shooters, yet never shot together.  On one occasion the pair planned an outing and shot together for the first time, some of that brass came to me, we sent back what is pictured here.

Sometimes having a .45 Auto bead is cool, having a bead from the first hunt with your child....well you decide.  We charge $22.99, price includes shipping, to make a custom bead, we will discuss the type with you first to ensure we get the best result.

                         Makers of custom paracord bracelets, items and brass casing ballistic barrel beads

NA Tactical Paracord Accessories




The Ballistic Barrel Bead

Cool tactical bling for your bracelet or lanyard

The Ballistic Barrel Bead is a made by combining two brass casings.  This is either done by cutting and pressing them together, like the Hybrid which is made from a 9mm and .40 caliber casing.  

The other is single caliber beads that are made by cutting and milling out two casings of the same caliber and fitting them together.  These come in .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry), .45 Auto (The Colt) and .50 caliber pistol (Triple B).  Finish choices are polished, brushed, heat colored and brushed and heated.  Heating brings out a reddish and blue tone in the brass.  Also, the brass ages and gains a patina of its own, picking up it own character with time.  Click on the button below to purchase and I will contact you with in 48 hours.

Single Caliber

$22.99, includes shipping, each available in .44 Magnum, .45 Auto and .50 pistol.  Custom beads are same price as single caliber.