Makers of custom paracord bracelets, items and brass casing ballistic barrel beads

            NA Tactical 

NA Tactical was born out of a personal hobby in making

items from paracord.  Owner Carl Horwood began by making simple lanyards for his Emerson knives and added brass 9mm casings for a little flare.

This evolved into the Hybrid bead, he originally began to sell tho on them Usual Suspect (the USN) Forum under the screen name Red Coat Crusade.  While selling the Hybrids, he was asked about making single caliber beads by a USN forum member and this sparked an interest in making brass beads from various calibers.  In time he perfected his method of fitting the pieces together with the use of adhesives or welds, as well as producing finishes that are unique.

His bracelets were simple and used a knot and loop closure.

Eventually he wanted something different and realized the round

end of a handcuff key would work well.  

Handcuff keys are small and easy to lose.  Having friends in law enforcement he realized that there should be a way to make a bracelet with a handcuff key attached someway.  Through research he found no one out there making a reusable handcuff key inside a 

plastic buckle, so he began to figure out how to make this work.  

The current design on the NA Tactical Covert Handcuff Key 

(CHK for short) buckle uses a metal universal key giving the user a usable tool, not just a cheap escape tool.   It allows the user to always have their handcuff key close by, while giving them some expression, such as agency colors, sports teams or support for a cause.  These are tools for everyday use, not escape tools.  Each buckle is handmade to be braided into a bracelet.  Since we hand make the buckles we can use any color you want.

 One of the favorite bracelets and best sellers is the Bunker Gear/Turn Out Gear for firefighters that used real reflective threaded cord!  Police have the thin blue style bracelets, but firefighters don't have anything unique.  This line of bracelets fills that gap, it gives a firefighters paracord jewelry that is the same color as the coats. 

Evolution is always inevitable and we have since moved on to using rare earth magnets in the primer holes of expended casings and casing ends to create something different.  This is the MagClasp line that currently has v1.0, v2.0, v3 and v4.

Contact us to create something unique for you.

If you live in the Ocala, Florida area drop by Tattookah Tattoo Studio and speak with Traci Karbler, they carry some one off bracelets in shop.  You may find something there to fits your wrist and your style, if not Traci can probably set up getting you what you want.  As well he talented artists can get you some great ink!

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NA Tactical Paracord Accessories