NA Tactical Paracord Accessories

                         Makers of custom paracord bracelets, items and brass casing ballistic barrel beads

NA Tactical Paracord Accessories Custom Paracord Bracelets

NA Tactical Paracord Acessories custom paracord bracelets and brass casing bead shop based out Oshawa, Ontario in Canada, NA Tactical is a small company that specializes in a variety of items such as bracelets, lanyards and dog leashes in paracord. To make these items more unique and special to you we offer a pieces made from used brass bullet casings in a variety of calibers to make ballistic barrel beads and casing end closures.  We are now offering four strand round braids in leather with our signature bullet casing end closure in place of a knot.

Why are our bracelets different than the bracelet you buy at your local army surplus, police supply or outfitter? Simple, you.  Your wrist is not the same size as the clerk at that store or the next persons.  Why not get a bracelet that assists you in your law enforcement job like a Covert Handcuff Key buckle, to the best of our knowledge these are handmade buckles are exclusive to NA Tactical Paracord Accessories specialty paracord products .  Allowing the wearer to never be without a handcuff key and having a cool piece of tactical paracord jewelry on your wrist at the same time.  

People who buy from NA Tactical do so because they want choice, choice in colors, fit, size, embellishments and unique features.  We have made bracelets in every color from basic black to the sports teams, show your support for your Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Cowboys or LA Lakers by having their colors on your wrist.

Maybe you own a high end knife like a Strider, Emerson or Zero Tolerance.  Why not add that touch of tactical bling with a bead made from a .45 Auto casing, .50 pistol casing or .44 Magnum?  

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